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Why Situational Awareness should be important to all of us

There should be a great reason for all of us as humans navigating through our daily lives to simply be: aware.  This means awareness of what's happening in your world, environment, wherever and whenever you might find yourself to be. 

Important to know and realize we all have situational awareness, however, to what degree can be very dependent on your current priorities, actions, tasks, inner thoughts, mood, and mindset.  

In my opinion, situational awareness is one of the most vital, if not the most important, human skill to use, enhance, and hone, yet is one of the most undervalued, overlooked, and under-practiced innate human abilities we possess. 

We are inundated every day, for several hours, sometimes even by the minute, and seconds with distractions. These can be daily to-do lists, job stressors, personal duties, family commitments, advertisements, tv, the internet, social media, and our smartphones. We all have them and will have to deal with them. This is just a consequence of living our daily lives while navigating our modern-day environments.  

How we respond and react, what and who we choose to focus on, as well as how we prioritize any and all of our distractions can make the difference between having a negative experience with dire consequences to living your life with more confidence to protect your personal safety. 

It is with my best intentions that any information I can share on situational awareness is helpful, insightful, challenging, exhilarating, and yet fun to learn. It is with every best wish for a positive outcome that I have been driven to create awareness around this subject, for those with little to no experience, those with some experience, and even for the high-speed, low-drag badasses out there who just want to keep their edges razor-sharp.

All my best,

Matt Patrick Kelly

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About the Author

Matt Patrick Kelly is a Texas native, born and raised. He graduated high school from Bandera, class of 1987. There is not much he doesn’t love about Texas and the amazing people in it.

Matt is a former police officer and a defensive tactics and firearms instructor who has also served as a SWAT team member. Matt has been a lifelong martial artist and has over forty years of training and instruction in multiple disciplines ranging from Korean, Japanese, Okinawan, and American arts. 

Matt has been a safety health and environmental manager for the last sixteen years and has been instrumental in creating, developing, and teaching ergonomic safe-lifting programs, active-shooter programs, and most recently, situational awareness-based training for corporate employees. Matt has a passion for teaching and imparting knowledge. According to him, seeing that “light-bulb” or “aha” moment when someone learns something new and valuable is one of the best feelings a teacher can have.

Matt is the founder of The Knight’s Path (, a modern-day knighthood based on the principles of mission, purpose, camaraderie, preparedness, and faith, and whose sole purpose is to provide products and services that benefit humanity. His work, The Book on Situational Awareness is an example of what he feels modern-day knights should put their efforts toward. 

First Situational Awareness Course Completed! Amazing time with Minnesota LEOs, Spouses, and Civilian Police Support Staff!!!

Special Thanks to the Fraternal Order of Police - Lake Superior Lodge 9 - for hosting the event!!

Please reach out for more information on this course, if interested in hosting an event for your team, group, company, or organization

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